Meet Gabby

Launched by a team of 3 enthusiasts, Gabby is designed for dog lovers, by dog lovers. Vacheh Sahakian, Aram Manoukian, and Narek Manukyan have created the app to become an inseparable part of a dog lover's life.

Gabby helps all dog lovers to create a caring community around their doggo, thus promoting socializing and communication.

Follow other dogs' daily adventures, socialize with your friends, share your dog's updates on Gabby, comment, add stories and make new connections.

That's how Gabby family members do it. It also allows you to track your furry friend's health in terms of daily calories intake, normal weight, calorie burn, vaccinations, behavioral patterns, etc.

The app is designed with agility, health tracking, and community considerations in mind and is aimed at supporting dog owners to find friends or dates for their doggos easier.

two dogs in a sitting position next to each other on a sunny street wearing matching hats and sunglasses
Gabby - Social media app for dog people | Product Hunt
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