Breeding Yorkshire Terriers

cute small dog walking on the street with one ear up a little and looking to the side
If you are thinking of breeding your Yorkie, you should consider a few problems you might face, and the depth of knowledge you need before preparing them for that “big day”. Is your dog suitable for breeding? Is he/she old enough for it? Are you financially stable for breeding? So many questions, the answers of which you can find below.
Age is a very important factor to consider when you are thinking of breeding your dog. According to experts, the best age to breed Yorkies is two for both males and females. This is because most of the health problems have already been dealt with. Although they are small in size, they mature sexually earlier than other breeds.
However, they are very small in size and it is advisable to breed them twice a year as dealing with a few pregnancies will be harmful to them.
The right time also matters. Breed your dog after 10 days from the time they go into heat as they are fertile during that period and completely ready for it. The right time also refers to the temperament of your dog. He/she shouldn’t exhibit fearfulness towards other dogs, should be friendly. However, they are usually very friendly during their heat period, which is why it is advised to breed them during that period.
Physical traits and weight are also very essential. Given the small sizes of the breed, during pairing, the female should weigh more than the male. The male should weigh about 4 pounds maximum. In addition, their bodies should be well proportioned and compact.
Try to follow these guidelines so that your doggo gives birth naturally, otherwise, you will need to have a Cesarean Section. Cesarean Section is highly possible for this breed because of their small size, and further birth complications. However, Yorkies are sensitive to anesthesia and it is important to do health checkups with a vet before the surgery.
When your Yorkie becomes pregnant, make sure to take her to the veterinarian to make sure that your doggo is healthy and everything is okay with her pregnancy.