The Best Interactive Dog Toys in 2021 train your dog with

Dog playing with toy that has treats inside
Our busy routine makes it quite difficult to take care of our lovely pooches. Nowadays, the number of people who work from home is increasing day by day, and this makes the life of dog owners even more difficult. Dogs, like other pets, need enough attention and have to be occupied during the day. Sheer boredom and lack of attention lead to many health issues. To combat boredom and further health problems, dog owners prefer to get many kinds of toys for their lovely pets. Interactive toys have been proven to have many benefits for your pet. They provide mental and emotional stimulation and ensure the well-being of your dog. Moreover, they also help to hone problem-solving skills, keep your dog focused, and strengthen logical thinking. If your doggo is often stressed or suffers from anxiety, these toys are very useful to avoid destructive habits or behaviour. Finally, yet importantly, interactive toys are fun and dogs love them a lot!
Interactive toys have a variety of challenge levels, sizes, and shapes. When buying them for your dog, you should consider the breed to meet his interest, taste and needs. For instance, puzzle toys are the best option for Retrievers or Poodles as they are very smart and like problem-solving games.
The most popular and interesting interactive toys are:

Vessel toys
Vessel toys have a small hole or space and are mainly used for hiding a small treat inside. The dog rolls the toy around to get the food out.

Puzzle bowls
These bowls are a fun way to hide food for your four-legged friend. Sprinkle food in the bowl so that the dog gets it out by using his mouth. This toy is a great way to hone problem-solving skills and logical thinking by solving the puzzle.

Treat-dispensing toys
Treat-dispensing toys will definitely become your furry friend’s favorite. They are used to hide different treats, and tend to keep your dog active and busy finding his reward.

Ball launchers or fetch toys
If your dog is fond of playing fetch outside, you should definitely opt for this toy. The toy throws balls and the dog runs to chase them.

Sensory or robotic devices
Sensory or robotic devices play different sounds or show colors. These devices keep your dog interested and engaged with the game, at the same time teaching to identify some colors and sounds.

So, you have a wide choice of interactive toys that will help your dog not only to enjoy the free time but also acquire many new skills.