Hygiene tips for dogs

wet dog taking a bath covered in bubbles from soap
Having a four-legged bestie and spending quality time with him is cool, but dog owners should give importance to their hygiene as well. Health and hygiene go hand in hand with each other, as practicing proper hygiene is the key to having good health. Not only does this go for humans, but also our four-legged friends. Follow these tips to make sure he’s clean, healthy and happy.

Brush the coat
To control shedding and matting, you should brush your dog’s coat every other day or as needed. If his coat is prone to matting, use a dematting brush. Spending a lot of time outside can make the coat very dirty and full of detritus. Clean it with a damp towel or cloth to get the dirt out of his fur. Don’t forget to choose the right brush for your canine’s fur, according to the breed.

Clean the teeth
Dental hygiene is also very important as dogs can get gum diseases, which may lead to problems with the kidney and liver. Cleaning them 2–3 times a week will do great. Give your preference to dog toothpaste as human toothpaste contains ingredients that can be harmful to your pet.

Check the ears
Dust and dirt might get into your dog’s ears. In order to prevent infections and irritations, you should clean their ears at least once a month. Choose ear cleaner or warm water to saturate a cotton pad or cotton ball. Avoid cotton swabs while cleaning your furry friend’s ears.

Clip the nails
Have your dog’s nails clipped at least once a month — depending on how quickly they grow. Be careful as it might hurt your doggo and lead to drama.

Wash the face
Getting into a regular routine of washing your dog’s face is very important as they take germs on their faces. Use a damp face cloth to clean the face, and do not forget about adding a bit of shampoo!

Regular baths
Almost all dogs love bubbling. Not only is it fun for dogs, but also very significant for their overall health and healthy look. It’s worth mentioning that the frequency of bathing mainly depends on the breed: some dogs need to take a bath once a month while others — two-three times a year. However, avoid over-bathing as it might lead to itchy, dry skin, and strip natural oils from their bodies. For better results and a healthier coat use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.
Apart from all these tips, make sure to clean all the items and stuff of your dog to keep the environment clean and neat.