A new app for dog owners

Co-Founders of Gabby app standing together
Gabby is a real achievement for those who have four-legged friends. Many even wonder how they lived without the app before. The application makes the life of dog owners easier and offers many opportunities:
  • to find a mate or a playmate for your dog
  • to track the dog’s health
  • to follow the vaccination schedule

Vacheh Sahakian, the founder of the app, states that he came up with the idea of creating the app about 1 year ago, when he couldn’t find enough time for his Beagle dog. Beagle is a hunting dog and needs 5–7 hours of activities per day. In Vacheh’s opinion, the only solution was to play with other dogs as interaction in this way was good both for physical and mental health. Spending some time with other dogs eventually leads to better upbringing and less aggression in behaviour. After a long and useless search, Vacheh came up with the idea of creating an application which would give people a chance to find a playmate or a mate for their dogs.
Gabby is similar to dating apps which people usually use. You just have to swipe the photos of dogs, like them and if your interests coincide, a chat opens for the acquaintance.
The application also gives an opportunity to monitor the overall health status of the dog where all the information about your dog’s weight, calories intake and vaccinations is gathered.
It’s been a month since the application is available for both IOS and Android. The application has been downloaded more than 500 times. There are both Armenians and foreigners among the users. The founders state that Gabby is still being tested in the Armenian market, however, in the near future it is planned to enter other markets such as the Russian or American.
The application has received many positive reviews by dog lovers.

Vacheh Sahakian, Aram Manoukian and Narek Manukyan work on Gabby. They have created and developed the application together, but investments are needed for further development.