World’s first Tinder for dogs

World’s first Tinder for dogs
Most of us have pets, but our busy daily routine makes it difficult to follow up their vaccination days and mating season. Moreover, we also face the problem of finding a playmate for them. To tackle these kinds of problems, a group of young people have created a brand new app for your lovely doggo.
The app’s founder Vacheh Sahakian states that Gabby isn’t only a dating app for dogs, but also an app to track their health.
Vacheh Sahakian came up with the idea of creating this app when he was trying to find a mate for his Beagle dog a few years ago.
“According to the veterinarian’s instructions, I had to play with my dog and walk him for 7 hours a day. The busy schedule as a student and work didn’t allow me to allocate 7 hours to my dog. So, I started surfing the Internet to see how to do 7 hour activities in 2 hours,” says Vahe.
As Vacheh didn’t find a reasonable solution on the Internet, he realized that the best option in this case was to play with other dogs. As Vacheh’s Beagle was small in size, he couldn’t play with dogs of giant breeds. That’s how he came up with the idea of creating the application.
Gabby works the same way as Tinder: you should swipe the photos and in case of mutual liking with a user, a chat opens for the acquaintance.
As already mentioned above, the application gives a chance to track the dog’s health. You should choose the breed, add information about the weight, and the app will automatically provide you with information about your dog’s current healthstate.
Gabby is quite easy to use. Registration also takes a few simple steps: download the app from the App Store or Google Play and log by entering the address, or Google/IOS ID.
The application also protects the users’ privacy: only the age, gender and photo are visible. The photo is not a compulsory precondition for the Armenian market yet, but it will soon become compulsory.
After the registration of the user, registration of your dog starts. Uploading a photo for your dog is compulsory. Thanks to the algorithm of the app, it’s not possible to substitute the photo of the dog with a photo of a person or an object.
Currently, Gabby offers limited functions, but the update will launch soon. It will give an opportunity not only to add new breeds and edit the account, but also offer some premium packages.
Gabby is available both for iOS and Android.