Aggressive behavioral patterns in your dog. Why does it happen and how to deal with them?

small dog with an aggressive look
Have you ever wondered why your dog growls or snaps while you are around? Have you ever tried to help him but didn’t know where to start? As a dog owner, you must have basic knowledge about this topic. Aggression is considered one of the most serious and common canine problems. To understand the cause of aggressive behavior, you should think about the circumstances under which your dog begins to act aggressively. There are many types of dog aggression, the most common of which are:

Territorial aggression
Dogs usually growl or snap when they see a stranger approaching their space. This is the most common reason that can make a dog behave aggressively. In this way, your pet tries to defend his territory or your home.

Possessive aggression
As already mentioned above, when it comes to protecting their properties, dogs become quite aggressive and do everything to protect them at any cost. This is not only about their food or toys, but also the personal items of their owners.

Protective or maternal aggression
You might have noticed what kind of behavior dogs display when someone unfamiliar or strange approaches a member of their pack or the family of his owner. This kind of aggression can start by showing warning signs such as barking and end in various kinds of attacks.

Fear aggression
When your dog finds himself in a scary situation, he is likely to exhibit aggressive behavior and start a fight.

Social aggression
In the early stages of socialization, your dog might have aggressive behavior towards other dogs and animals. The lack of socialization and perception of high status can also lead to this kind of behavior.

Sexual aggression
When trying to vie to get attention from a mate, two female or two male dogs can show aggression towards each other.

Pain-elicited aggression
This kind of aggression occurs when the dog is in pain or has received an injury.

As already mentioned above, it is essential that you carefully study the circumstances which make your dog act aggressively. For instance, some dogs display aggression near unfamiliar people or kids. In these cases, the best option to deal with this problem is to simply try to keep your doggo away from them. However, the cause of dog aggression can be more serious, such as health problems that require regular medication and careful attention. Nevertheless, many dog owners punish their dogs to deal with aggression. Animal behaviorists and trainers state that punishment is the worst way to alleviate the problem as the dog can become more aggressive and attack family members by deteriorating the whole situation.

In brief, dog owners must pay meticulous attention to their cute pets not only to avoid but also to curb aggressive behavior which can lead to further problems.