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What is Gabby?
Gabby is a dating and health monitoring app for dogs that gives a chance not only to find a match for your pet but also to track its health.
Why do I need Gabby?
Gabby makes life way much easier for everyone who keeps a dog as a pet. Not only does it help you find friends and a love match to hang out with, but also gives you a million-to-one chance to easily check out the activity of your dog and avoid health problems without visiting a veterinarian.
Is Gabby free?
Gabby is free both for iOS and Android users.
How to write information about my dog?
After creating a new account, firstly, you should fill in the information about yourself, then about your dog. You should fill in the fields regarding your dog's name, breed, weight, birthday and gender, in order to make it easy for other users to choose a cuddly companion for their pets.
How do I find a match for my dog on Gabby?
Finding a match for your dog is more than simple and easy! On "Find your match" page just swipe right for like or left for nope based on your taste and needs. If the other dog's owner also swipes right on your dog's profile, then it's a match and you can start chatting with the owner and see their profile. Just like Tinder.
How to find information about the dog I like?
At the bottom right corner of the dog's photo, you can find the info button which makes it possible to check out the name, breed, gender and more details about the dog.
How to let the owner know that I like their dog on Gabby?
When you swipe right, you like the profile of the dog and if the other dog's owner also swipes right on your dog's profile, then it's a match and you can start chatting with the owner.
Is it possible to send a message to the user I prefer?
You can chat only with users you match with.
How does Gabby estimate the activity of my dog?
The "Start Walking" button makes it possible to start counting the walking time of your dog, thus calculating the burned calories as well (the number is based on averages and can't be considered 100% accurate).
How does Gabby help my dog stay healthy?
Health is no more an issue when you have Gabby on your phone. You can track your dog's health simply by filling out the "Activity" and "Medical ID" sections on the app. The "Activity" section makes it possible to count your dog's walking time and burnt calories, while "Medical ID" helps to add information about vaccinations, overall medical records and behavior.
How do I create a Gabby account?
Creating an account on Gabby is very easy! Download the Gabby app for iOS or Android. Tap "Sign Up", enter the required information and open your email to verify it. Then you can fill out your dog's info. Now, you have an account on Gabby!
How do I delete my Gabby account?
At the moment account deletion is done through the support system, fill out the form on our support page https://www.gabby.dog/support mentioning that you want to delete your account, or write us an email at [email protected].
How can I report negative behavior on Gabby?
We want the Gabby community to be a nice place for everyone, and the community can help us moderate it. To report photos or users tap the ⚠ button and select the reason for your report, the support team will take it from there.
Why can't I upload my dog's photos?
Gabby has a system that detects if there is a dog in the photo you upload for your dog's profile. Make sure to select a high-quality image with a clear view of your pawed friend. If the issue persists contact support on https://www.gabby.dog/support.
Is it possible to sign up on Gabby if my dog is of mixed breed?
Absolutely! Mixed breed dogs also have the chance to enjoy the love and friendship the Gabby community provides.
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